Getting started

I am on sabbatical leave at McGill University. After a severe infection affecting my right arm turned into having to deal with the flesh eating disease. I was hospitalized at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal for three weeks. Afterwards reviewing the whole experience, I came to the following conclusion. Basically being given intravenous antibiotics saved my life. Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered, who introduced antibiotics into general usage, saved many, many lives, including me. I wanted to honor Fleming somehow. I wanted to make a contribution with the magnitude of Fleming, to ultimately help people. Yet I didn’t know what my passion would be, where or how I could make a difference. Like Steven Jobs starting off in his garage-I had a dream. I took my first leave from McGill twenty years ago. I telephoned then McGill cardiologist Duncan Stewart who was an expert studying the clinical effects of nitric oxide, a signalling gas that does an incredible amount of different things in nature. I offered my services for free. Kind of like how you stage with a famous chef in his kitchen. The next day I had a lab spot in Stewart’s lab. I was treated like a regular apprentice by Dr Stewart in his lab. I started reading and reading in the medical literature about nitric oxide, how this gas molecule behaves, how it functions. I found myself totally fascinated to be finally doing something that was grabbing me in the gut, with this WOW feeling for nitric oxide gas signalling. My real education was starting. I felt alive. All those years before being so busy in a research lab at the Montreal Neurological Institute was certainly rewarding. But this new direction was what made me ache, I was happy in this new venture.

About cerebrovortex

Montreal Grandmother, Agnes Kent was saved by Raul Wallenberg from certain death, when he provided papers for her and her Mom to escape away from the Nazis. Today when asked what that escape meant, she replied,"Remind people, that while statesmen and whole countries remained silent and did nothing, a single individual chose to act, with ramifications that proved enormous. Similar choices confront us today. Write that simple truth she said, it can never be repeated often enough because the world keeps forgetting it."
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