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Night sounds

Moon quarter shines overhead smashed pillow stumbles blue temperature The lonely nest-each room an exhibit-behind roped borders Still any buzzing behind closed door? Raindrops crash new deck Granite pink puddles light flip click lock door Sofa-pillow kiss.  

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Brain temperature-brainsett

What’s the average brain temperature? I once asked that query to a young buck neurosurgeon while we’re both side by side at the Cafe Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute) lunch counter. He glanced sideways with that bored look in his eyes, … Continue reading

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Tensional Integrity-tensegrity

One of the special aspects of living in Montreal is the excitement of architecture that is present all around us. Growing up in Montreal the real treat of my first metro ride is a sensation that I will never forget. … Continue reading

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Walking on the Beach

Where does a brain come from? While on vacation walking with my wife on the New Jersey shoreline, early one morning we were surrounded by a bubble of light. We could only see about forty feet ahead as if inside … Continue reading

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Sidney Crosby and brain pull

Sidney Crosby gave a news conference. I quote from Red Fisher’s ┬ácolumn of the Montreal Gazette, Thursday, September 8, 2012. “What Crosby was saying on Wednesday was that nothing new from what all of us have been hearing for weeks; … Continue reading

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Brain, heart and bone

So after having the consortium of Fleming-Chaine-Florey via penicillin save my right arm, my life. It’s like walking away from a plane crash. You are no longer the same person. You see things differently, in the sense you get a … Continue reading

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