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When I have mentioned the term tensegrity I will source from the following article: The FASEB Journal • Review October 2010 Vol 24 No 10  3625-3632 Mechanotransduction in bone repair and regeneration Chenyu Huang*,†,1 and Rei Ogawa* *Department of Plastic, … Continue reading

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Water is the creation of form into shape

Last blog was for the importance of water on our planet Earth. the Scientific American article showed  a planet with thousands of oceans circling a star. Where there is water there is the potential for life. Water flow creates complex … Continue reading

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Water is shapes in motion-water motion’s shape is the design blueprint for Nature

Soggy Solar System: Exoplanet Nursery Holds Massive Amount of Water A protoplanetary disk 175 light-years away looks to contain enough water to coat newborn planets with oceans thousands of times over By John Matson  | October 24, 2011 | 9 ICE … Continue reading

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