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I find I learn the most especially when I’ve messed up, but that’s the real journey. Question: Give me an example where you really failed? Answer: Sometimes I trust people way to much, I get so exuberant in my research … Continue reading

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Anorexia nervosa-another brain-heart-bone-axis at the pivoting point according to Dr Watson

Life can be wonderful at times like what happened last night in  our temporary quarters in the Irving Ludmer Building at the top of Peel Street on McGill’s campus. I was sitting in my little corner section when I noticed … Continue reading

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Blast injuries-minor traumatic brain injuries-mTBI

Soldiers have been suffering severe concussions as a result of being near to explosions. If these same soldiers survive their tour of duty once they’re back home a refrain commonly heard by their families is, “this is not the same … Continue reading

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Dear Gary Bettman

As you know you have an epidemic of concussions with your players on  hand so the big question shapes up, what spin do you put on it? This is an imaginary conversation so you don’t have to really pay attention, … Continue reading

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Heart failure increases fracture risk by 30%

September 20, 2011 (San Diego, California) — Heart failure puts patients at a nearly 30% greater risk for major osteoporotic fractures than those without the condition, according to research presented here at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research … Continue reading

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Shape building with 3D printers-the way Nature intended things to be built

sourced from Science and technology: 3D printing The Shape of things to come The Economist December 10th 2011 p87-88 The beginning of a new industrial revolution is at hand. I have stressed shape as a primal driving force in Nature, … Continue reading

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Calculated cardiac biomarkers-the new metric for neurocardiology.

Last week I was reading in Science et Vie to be stunned by an article on predicting heart attacks mathematically from cardiac monitoring after people visit an emergency room. The article cites with lead author involving work completed recently both … Continue reading

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Why do cheerleaders get lots of concussions?

The Potential for Brain Injury on Selected Surfaces Used by Cheerleaders by Brenda J. Shields, MS1 and Gary A. Smith, MD, DrPH J Athl Train. 2009 Nov-Dec; 44(6): 595–602. doi:  10.4085/1062-6050-44.6.595 from the Journal of Athletic Training 2009;44(6):595-602 This is … Continue reading

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The Montreal connection to hockey fighting concussions

When did fighting become embedded into the character of hockey in Canada? The answer appears with the heritage mix of cultures swirling around the ice of Montreal surfaces over a century ago. I will be quoting plus using material from … Continue reading

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Heart beats

Every waking moment, every waking hour, every minute our hearts beat. It is a vibration of contractions inside our chests, it’s hard to imagine this beating heart causes our brain to beat too. We can picture our heart moving but … Continue reading

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