The Sidney Crosby Project

Dear Mr Crosby

Last week our CIHR grant was refused for not being, ‘neuroscience enough.’ We work at McGill University. I have been on unpaid sabbatical leave studying the relationship of concussions with central changes in bone metabolism. I work with Dr Faleh Tamimi. We probably have the best current understanding of the biological changes within the brain following a concussion, clinically speaking. We gave a presentation just before Christmas to Drs Ross Anderson and Gordon Bloom, seasoned McGill Kinesiology professors dealing with concussed athletes. Here’s one of their comments,” I’ve never heard this kind of stuff before about concussions, you guys really seem to be catching something.” Dr Ross Andersen is a Canada Chair researcher, he is a very skilled academic, and he told us, “We like your passion.” We believe we are at the tipping point for a breakthrough not only how to diagnose a concussion but how to treat it. We must be on a breakthrough journey, this is the classic pattern that the medical/scientific hierarchy takes a long time to come around to discovery. First they ridicule you to dismiss you as whacco, then the discovery begins to sink into their fixed mindset. This process can take years! But right now we need critical seed money, to help toward pilot funding completion, in order to generate enough experiments to provide the data for proper funding requests.

Recently, I ran the whole scenario of our potential project by an old working colleague, Dr Antoine (Tony) Hakim, Professor of Neurology at the University of Ottawa. He listened patiently then said, “What you have told me is all coherent, if you can diagnose a concussion as you say you can, this would be massive.”

I propose the Sidney Crosby Concussion project.

We have the means, we have the expertise, we have the methodology, our group simply requires the critical financial support toward funding a pilot project, to generate enough statistical data to test our concussion hypothesis.

We can make a presentation anywhere, anytime to demonstrate our potential to breakthrough the current total guessing game about what to look at, where to look at within the brain damaged after a concussion. We have the appropriate hypothesis, we just need a person of your stature to step outside to make things happen. We have spent over two decades learning the signs that Nature has obscured in the multitude of signals running second by second inside the human brain. We have found the hierarchical primal biology toward new meaning. Please listen to our earnest plea, we have a chance to make a great leap forward to actually treat concussions medically.


Unfortunately Mr Crosby I goofed up when I got angry, really frustrated a few Sunday’s ago. I wrote to your old Nova Scotia Hockey Association to their executive director. After suggesting the idea in a letter to him, since I hadn’t heard back I snapped saying just forget my letter I’d find a better way. I was told that I had to be evaluated by a risk evaluation committee. That they wouldn’t jump just because I asked them to react quickly. An I missing something here, aren’t we having huge numbers of unreported concussions? So when I told the executive director to forget about my letter I hit his ego and he responded. Here’s the gist Mr Crosby I’m not some paparazzi type famous person seeker. I’m a researcher, I’ll try unconventional things to get your attention because the message I’m trying to get out there is very important. Mr Crosby you have clout and you could possibly help us with funding, that’s my motivation, simple really. It’s taken me close to twenty years to teach myself the necessary science so we can actually have the privilege to ask: Where does a concussion happen in the brain that we can measure reliably? I believe in my heart’s heart we have stumbled onto the appropriate query, so forgive me if I’m impatient, the time to react is now. I think a director of a hockey youth association can interact with me instead of not even responding can go the extra step to see just what may be involved in probing our comfort zone our knowledge about children’s concussions, which is his job to protect those children no?. So instead of getting angry at this person the best effort for me is to get our research done, to get our analysis proper, complete and verifiable. The results will speak for themselves. That’s the best help for concussion that we can  do for all the children who may be affected by concussions.

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Montreal Grandmother, Agnes Kent was saved by Raul Wallenberg from certain death, when he provided papers for her and her Mom to escape away from the Nazis. Today when asked what that escape meant, she replied,"Remind people, that while statesmen and whole countries remained silent and did nothing, a single individual chose to act, with ramifications that proved enormous. Similar choices confront us today. Write that simple truth she said, it can never be repeated often enough because the world keeps forgetting it."
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