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Fractional Anistrophy of white matter lesions in mTBI

BBG/Vis Seminar: Erlend Hodneland og Svein Brekke Department of Mathmatics Universitas Bergensis SPEAKER 1: Svein Brekke TITLE: 3D ultrasound imaging: Fundamentals and limitations: Inferior longitudinal fasiculus Published online before print August 16, 2010, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1011043107 PNAS August 31, 2010 vol. … Continue reading

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Hagfish-introduction to the Myxini

As the vast boat took its final plunge the hull separated into two. The iceberg had opened such a dagger-ed gash into the deck-plates alongside each other below the water line, the final tilt of the great boat rising the … Continue reading

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The First Model of Concussive Head Injury -1830 by Jean-Pierre Gama, a French Military Surgeon

Here is a wonderful historical description of apparently the first experimental attempts to model the physical forces inside the brain during a concussion impact. The fact that they were done with such simple devices, two hundred years ago, reveals a … Continue reading

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