Brain Tunnelgenix: how to measure the brain temperature reflecting the body temperature at the corner of the eye

Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. (Healthcare)
The Abreu BTT™ 700 System from Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp.™(btt™Corp.) which incorporates the ASUS Eee PC™ 1005HA, continuously and unobtrusively measures a patient’s body temperature. It is considered a major medical breakthrough.


In the medical environment, blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, and oxygen saturation can all be monitored in a noninvasive and continuous manner. But up until now, a patient’s body temperature either had to be measured manually by nurses or intrusively by doctors using catheters during surgery. Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies Corp. has solved this problem with the introduction of the FDA approved Abreu BTT™ 700 System, which incorporates an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA as a key component, and allows for the first time in history, continuous, noninvasive monitoring of body temperature.

The Problem

Determining the precise measurement of a patient’s body temperature is crucial to making correct medical decisions. Monitoring a patient’s body temperature can help detect hyperthermia and infections early to prevent death, reduce the cost of treatment, and improve the effectiveness of drug therapies. Additionally, correct continuous measurement of temperature can accurately detect ovulation as well as brain thermal signature for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. In surgery, the Surgical Care Improvement Program protocol mandates that a patient’s temperature throughout the intraoperative and perioperative period be maintained at above 36 °C, which is not only important for patient care but necessary for hospitals to qualify for performance reimbursement.

But nonintrusive and continuous measurement of a patient’s temperature was previously limited by the instruments available to the medical staff. Complicating the matter of accurately monitoring a patient’s body temperature is the body’s layer of fat that provides insulation and interferes with accurate temperature measurement. Forehead, ear canal, oral, and rectal thermometers often overestimate and underestimate. Often times, patients also need to wait at least 30 minutes after the consumption of food and liquids to avoid erroneous readings.

The Solution

Brain Tunnelgenix Technologies has introduced a revolutionary new product, the Abreu BTT 700 System, that makes a significant contribution to human temperature measurement. With this technological innovation, the human brain and core temperature can be both noninvasively and continuously monitored, and fluid and food intake will not interfere with temperature measurement. The technology is based on Yale researcher Dr. Marc Abreu’s new discovery of the Brain Temperature Tunnel (BTT), a thermal organ in the body. The Brain Temperature Tunnel is a direct and uninterrupted connection between the thermal storage area in the brain and an area of skin by the corner of the eye. Through the BTT, thermal energy is transferred directly without obstruction from barriers, such as fat, giving medical professionals accurate measurements.

The Abreu BTT 700 System is a computer-based sensing system that utilizes an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA as a key component. The Eee PC is used to track and document temperature variations as well as to create customized reports. The System features a continuous “finger” model and pen-like contact device to record skin surface temperature.The reusable pen-type probe is used for spot readings at the Supero Medial Orbit site and for temperature measurements on any skin surface. A disposable finger sensor probe permits continuous temperature monitoring at the Supero Medial Orbit from critical care units to the recovery room. A Processing Electronic Interface converts the thermal signals received from the BTT site.

There is not much information    on this technique. The image above is taken from the braintunnelgenex website. As you can see in the corner of the eyes, is the bright spot that Dr Marc Abreu has discovered that relates according to his studies to accurate reflection of minute fluctuating brain average temperature changes output as slightly different to stable body temperature changes. His device is US patented plus around the world in 80 other patents in addition, FDA approval has been granted for the device. It looks like the device can get at brain  temperature non-invasively but as I can not get verifiable brain versus eye corner temperature comparison results, I will reserve judgment for the time being on its measuring capacity and accuracy.

On Saturday March 3, 2012 The Montreal Gazette published a front page story:The Science of Ice. The story revealed the amazing work being undertaken under the guidance of Dr Nabeel Ali through the Neonatology department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Total body cooling is now routinely used for infants who have suffered birth trauma which exposes their new-born brains to low levels of oxygen. The hypothermia treatment can last days after birth to reduce the damage cascade that probably would occur if no active body cooling had occurred. The story reports on families who have courageously chosen this technique. The growth of the treated babies appears to be in the normal range as they age. These results are very impressive.

But as more and more knowledge is gained, especially developing devices to actually, non-invasively measure brain temperature will hopefully open the door to one of Nature’s tricks. Essentially using brain cooling to protect the brain, from overheating, from stress, from disease, from accident. As seen from Neonatology at the Montreal Children’s hospital, hypothermic thermoneuro protection is already upon us.


March 8 2012 -two days later

The reason the brain tunnel term was coined I guess is that the anatomy traces the inside route like a tube, through the cavernous sinus above the nose, of the superior opthalmic vein coursing from the brain to the corner of the eye, known anatomically as the superomedial orbit. I finally obtained scientific poster results from the Chicago American Society of Anesthesiology 2011 meeting that I attended, that describe the rationale behind the brain tunnel temperature availability from a Scientific Poster. One of the referred 2010 posters outlines the measured slight drop in temperature during brain surgery when real brain temperature was actually measured. It is this kind of comparison confirmation of their temperature measurement that I can now state, the brain tunnel temperature is the real deal.  Simply because as one of my professors would say, ‘It has to be based on anatomy, that is the bottom line.’ To quote from the authors summation: “The ability to monitor (brain temperature) in a noninvasive fashion, will markedly improve monitoring within the context of the brain/body core  decoupling that accompanies intracranial disorders such as heat stroke (or birth hypoxic-ischemic insult encephalopathy). It may be extremely valuable in the context of deliberate hypothermia induced brain protection.”

Just what the Montreal Children’s Hospital needs for their neonatal body cooling protocol to help with all their clinical decisions using  both esophageal and brain tunnel temperature measurements.

The opthalmic vein intra bone pipe route is viewed in cross section from a cadaver

copyright from Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists

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