Long term effects = short term effects?

Alzheimer dementia affects sensory systems, subtly at first. The diminished sense of smell is an early indicator of Alzheimer’s. In a previous essay,  Scent of a Brain, I wrote the following about the olfactory system with its unique vulnerability.

When ions rush in, they tend to destroy the scaffolding of the cell. “it’s as if someone is in there with a saw, cutting through all the struts and supports, ” Giza says. Calcium inside the cell, moreover, can activate enzymes that can trigger the cell to destroy itself.’

Where do you look for this to happen as the sense of smell downgrades in early Alzheimer’s disease? You look where the rosemary scent gets interpreted within the olfactory network, with its unique vulnerability, within olfactory neurons. If this unique vulnerability happens with the development of Alzheimer’s disease, do long time football multiple concussion injured players exhibiting early dysfunctional Alzheimer’s dementia also suffer olfactory damage as an early indicator?

The winner of the Provost Research Scholarship, Jamie King from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Department of Psychology has broken first ice inferring from the multiple concussion query by determining there is olfactory damage associated with mild traumatic brain injury even after just one concussion. The participants of his study under the supervision of Dr Nicky Ozbek were tested with a scratch and sniff standardized smell test called the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT). ‘ Significant differences were found between groups, namely those in the concussion group did significantly worse than the other volunteer participants. It was found that most people did not perceive any smell loss, even when it was present. Also nearly one quarter of the participants who had experienced a concussion were not aware that they had received a concussion. ‘ What appears to be happening? As the scent sensing starts to fail degrading in the communication inside of its local network other connected networks link down too, is that the early disease pattern? “The brain center for awareness of sense of smell loss has not been well localized but may be in the medial temporal lobe structures that are known to be affected by Alzheimer’s disease,” according to Practical Neurology July/August 2009 author Dr Ronald Devere from Olfactory Testing in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and other Neuro-Degenerative Disorders

Seau’s suicide leaves many stunned/Obituary/Sports Thursday May 5, 2012 montrealgazette.com

Let me first offer my deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Junior Seau to somehow cope in their huge loss.

From the MontrealGazette article, “Junior Seau lead the San Diego Chargers to the Super Bowl after the 1994 season, and he was voted to a team-record 12 straight Pro Bowls and was an All-Pro six times in a career that lasted two decades.” Seau was 43. ” Seau is the eighth member of San Diego’s lone Super Bowl team who has died, all before the age of 45. Lew Bush, Shawn Lee, David Griggs, Rodney Culver, Doug Miller, Curtis Whitney and Chris Mims are the others.” How many players were on that XXIX Super Bowl NFL San Diego team? I count 26 players on the roster, 8 of 26 have died before 45. Is this a significant number?

San Diego OFFENSE (*  deceased)

WR Mark Seay

LT Stan Brock

LG Isaac Davis

Courtney Hall

RG Joe Cocozzo

RT Harry Swayne

TE Alfred Pupunu

WR Tony Martin

QB Stan Humphries

RB Natrone Means

FB-TE Duane Young


LE Chris Mims *

NT-LDT Reuben Davis

RDT Shawn Lee *

ELE-RE Leslie O’Neal

LOLB David Griggs *

MLB Dennis Gibson

ROLB Junior Seau*

LCB Darrien Gordon

RCB Dwayne Harper

SS Darren Carrington

FS Stanley Richard

Lew Bush *

Shawn Lee *

Rodney Culver *

Doug Miller *

What is the early other predictive indicator for Alzheimer dementia ? In my last essay Swaying in the Balance I wrote about the Center of Pressure (COP) measurements using a fractal analysis on the two minutes to determine the post concussion effects fragmenting postural balance brain control. These are preliminary evaluations, so the absolute numbers should be increased to better quantify the results in a much larger sample size. However the conclusion from the balance deregulation and scent deregulation as both early indicators is now apparent. If a concussion happens short-term effects are the unique vulnerability of the postural control, reported 10 days after a minor traumatic brain injury and the deregulated sense of smell which Jaime King reported after a single concussion. Logic concludes early signs of Alzheimer’s are being affected by concussions which are the also the late signs of multiple concussions like former NFL players, distraught into severe depression to the point where they kill themselves. How many hits to the head are there in a NFL season? National Geographic published last fall from various NCAA football players practices with games, approximately 2000-4000 hits to the head per season. I’m being conservative with these measurements. Multiply times 20 seasons, do the math, that’s 80,000 +- hits to the head. How many are concussions, a few many, lots? Eight players from the same team have died before 45, something very terrible is happening to these players, this is not about normal aging.

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