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Hydrogen gas as neuroprotection

Mild traumatic brain injury/concussion is usually viewed as a one way direction to damage. There are so may brain concussions happening in the National Football League is there any hope for treatment for the multitudes of non professional people with … Continue reading

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Tensegrity robots : Assur tensegrity structures mimic the motion of a caterpillar

One of the very interesting aspects of learning about tensegrity is how multidimensional the process becomes. Kenneth Snelson coined the phrase, floating tension to describe his early sculptures when he first started playing with tension compression models in 1948. Little … Continue reading

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The shape of tensegrity in Nature

Kenneth Snelson is a sculptor. He explores the intricate structures found in Nature by contemplating with, ‘ the idea of form bound and defined by structure.’¬† He has said, “Structure to me is involved with forces, the stressing of pieces … Continue reading

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Carbon monoxide, healing gas?

Wound healing activity of carbon monoxide liberated from CO-releasing molecule (CO-RM). ‘Wound microenvironment presents widespread oxidant stress, inflammation, and onslaught of apoptosis. Carbon monoxide (CO) exerts pleiotropic cellular effects by modulating intracellular signaling pathways which translate into cellular protection against … Continue reading

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Alex Zanardi wins Gold medal driving his own design H4 Handcycling Time Trials in the Paralympic Games 2012 at Brands Hatch, England

Alex Zanardi is my hero. Eleven years ago leading¬† at a CHAMP car event in Lausitz, Germany, Alex Zanardi’s Reynard-Honda was hit by Alex Tagliani’s racecar at 320 kph as Zanardi excited from the pits, instantly slicing his chassis in … Continue reading

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