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Pigeons seeing with sound: the perception of infrasound

ACOUSTIC waves of frequencies below 10 Hz are common in the atmosphere. They are generated by various sources, including wind, thunderstorms, weather fronts, magnetic storms, aurorae, ocean waves, earthquakes, and many of man’s mechanical devices. Many of these atmospheric oscillations … Continue reading

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Elafin and the elastic shape of the gut, are they swarm interactions with the bacteria ?

One of the scourges of being attacked via inner hospital bugs is becoming infected with Clostridium difficile, a killer bacteria. As horrible as it sounds, treatment using healthy faeces donors can now via faecal transplant make effective possible treatment against … Continue reading

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Sopite syndrome

It has been a very tough week. My wife had a sudden onset of central deterioration in her retina happening over a few weeks. Luckily she was operated on this past Monday so I am home nursing her back to … Continue reading

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