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If Einstein were to design a reflex it would involve harmonizing gravity-space-time

When Commander Chris Hadfield is on the International Space Station what happens to his brain during his mission? What are the physiological changes that scientists are concerned about for attempting long voyages into the final frontier? What have we learned … Continue reading

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Vestibular re-entry into the cardinal axes of 3-D space as the brain recovers April 9, 2013 SPORTS: According to Montreal Canadiens NHL Coach, Michel Therrien, the return of forward Rene Bourque to active playing status is imminent after missing 21 games caused by a concussion. Therrien stated, ” Bourque is going to … Continue reading

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Diving into the vector of gravity

How does a flame burn without gravity ? We are familiar with the majestic glow of light standing as if a soldier on guard bolt upright, planted onto the ground. We Earth born people orient to this radiance from a … Continue reading

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