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Baby yawns

Inside the mother’s womb this baby is yawning. At around the 20th week into gestation the baby starts the elaborate sequence of yawning. The muscles involved inside a yawn begin a priming sequence that lasts for 10 weeks perfecting this … Continue reading

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Silk island

Night falls into the friction of orange energy shattered into the billowing cloud, sail masts piercing the evening mood. Next morning at the early rise of Earth light the dazzle of spider thread captures the sparkle of dew. Are these … Continue reading

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The Broglio gravity reaction test for detecting concussions

This important blog post comes via the New York Times : AUGUST 14, 2013, A Simple Device to Detect Concussions written by Gretchen Reynolds concerning the reaction test to detect the presence of a concussion. Here’s how it works from a validated … Continue reading

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