Supercell by Sean Heavey

Supercell by Sean Heavey

The shape of energy tends toward rotation due to the presence of gravity. Rotation within the gases of the atmosphere. The shape of Nature is symbolized within the vortex.

Does the vortex shape exist outside of Earth away from the grasp of gravity ?

SPACE TENSEGRITY 04a9c0782af9aed542be22bde52c6a49Does tensegrity within Nature carry its design past the confines of Earth? Or is Earth part of the tensegrity web? Does tensegrity only happen within our gravity based planet or is the tensegrity shape of objects universal throughout the universe? Crystals on the lunar surface within the regolith would seem to lead an observer to consider a microshape as a particle that can be assembled anywhere, within the domain of our immediate Milky Way. Even from meteorites that continually smack into the lunar surface. Similar shape crystals detect gravity in our own vestibular apparatus. The dust that clings to a lunar astronauts glove is within us as accelerometers. We are built from the universe.

Can an astronaut have a concussion in space ? Is gravity a necessary component for the head collision to happen, what about the shape of the brain itself? What happens to the shape of the brain as it distorts as it vortexes on itself, where is this force felt ? Water vortexes into all manner of shapes that get mimicked in life forms throughout Nature. We exist in an open system to only look at our immediate surroundings by rejecting the collisions of objects into either the moon or Earth.


Objects of collision from 2005 to 2013 on Lunar surface.

What happens within the immune system as anti-gravity is experienced, is there such a response as anti-tensegrity?
ASTRONAUT lostInside the cells of this astronaut the time frame has always been inside an orientation with direction. The surface horizon has always been present toward a position pointing to light during the day, to the stars at night. This constancy of a daily cycle like a millennial switch on-off through first the water phase days than onto the dust days of evolution. Yet this dependence on position on the very establishment of shape as the means to detect is scaled within the smallest of the cells at their very points of attachment. The existence of multitudes of connections becomes a convergence of shape establishing itself as the web of life. The breathing astronaut carries his atmosphere with him inside the vulnerable vacuum outside the space craft.

But what of the water that makes up most of his body does water hold shape too despite its amorphous looseness?

VORTEX H2O 2007_03_DSC_0266bEven suction at the draining of a pool can spin water molecules into the familiar vortex forming above the drain. But where did the shape suddenly come from ? The spin volume wasn’t present at first, the shape appeared out of the shape of stable water itself. Shape is this architecture of form that balances tension into compression within the coherence of the form, the floating tension/compression that Snelson first grasped in 1948. But shape is everywhere even on those crystals stirred into impact shedding craters on the Lunar regolith surface.

How do the tensegrity points of contact change in anti-gravity within the immune production say at the bottom of the astronauts lungs breathing his artificial atmosphere upside down in floating anti-tensegrity ? How do cells perform when there is no up down or sideways?

Sometimes the only real remaining evidence from horrific encounters from the past are discovered in the ground. The most durable material being the bones.

BONES Sr_Salme3

The discovery of arrows penetrating into the body is proof of a violent ending of life. But what if instead of arrows penetration occurs into the body affecting the bones themselves but the effect is due to anti-gravity. According to mounting observations, “ It seems that the cells of the immune system and the cells that remodel bone regulate each other’s function.” 

This summation comes via comments from both Joseph Arron, students of the Tri-Institutional MD–PhD Program and Yongwon Choi, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Laboratory of Immunology, The Rockefeller University, New York,New York 10021, USA in the article Bone versus Immune System in Nature |Vol 408|30 November 2000|. Imagine the arrows  in this image are the figurative arrows of the vector of gravity acting into the bone. As astronauts return to gravity their bones are thinner from their exposure to anti-gravity, but is the immune system changing too?

tensegrity nuclear matrix 1-s2.0-S1073874608000479-gr4What does a collapsed tensegrity object look like ?

TENSEGRITRY COLLAPSEThe difference is when the reestablished tension/compression is reconnected forcing the entire balanced shape to become into existence like the still water turning into a vortex above a drain in a pool, shape suddenly appears.

TENSEGRITY on hand The shape change is not the envelope that is coherent the shape change is the ability to accomplish sensing within the shape change. Notice the  nuclear matrix transcription factors in the diagram above. The shape based transcription performs the copying of DNA into messenger RNA in gene expression. Shape in shape out, is also information in information out from shape changes. Loose the shape in detecting a bacteria, a virus, on contact T-cells. T-cells are constantly vigilant to fight off foreign particles in our surroundings. But T-cells are also secreting a molecule that inhibits the development plus the activation of bone-absorbing cells. The shape of the immune response is linked to the bone response as a dynamic relationship.

“Rigid bone appears as unchanging but is a constant yin-yang of addition then subtraction, as secretion and resorption of the bone matrix. These opposite actions are carried out by two cell types-osteoblasts and osteoclasts which are in balanced equilibrium maintaining skeletal integrity.”

The shape of integrity, could this be our constant architecture, tensegrity as tensional integrity revealing itself? The reflection occurs as we age we lose shape capacity within our architecture, certainly as the bony skeleton ages the shape of the older face is like the weathered features of a landscape. We loose definition, skin sags wrinkles sweep like waves of distortion over the face. But those surface changes are bone changes beneath the surface. Shape is the code of the messengers that our cells signal to each other, shape is the outcome of the primal communication. Shape is the vortex that spins as if twirling off-axis.


What started originally as a query in my own little laboratory took on a different aspect of how Nature builds things, how shape is not the outcome but shape is the motion of communication. How information gets transferred through shape changes. How information is also lost through shape changes. How concussion is all about the distortion of elastic shape within the structure of the entire brain. It’s not about the brain, in common understanding is a cartoon style banging into the inner boundary of the bony head case, it’s how the brain actually changes shape itself how it spins on its own axis, how this spin motion, how this vortex of brain tissue reveals itself in tension/compression changes.

We are surrounded by the spinning shape of vortex motion. The eddies around rocks in  a river, the molecules within the air, the release of pressure from the wingtips of a humming-bird, all reveal vortices as signatures of shape predominating, creating patterns from nothing. VORTEX tumblr_inline_msd73kelin1qz4rgp

The fascination to shape is its VORTEX BROAD BILLED HB 5382043362_f7fc9fcb6c_zuniversal appearance at every scale of our experience. Shape is the nano scale of roughness at the contact of proteins reaching into each others domain of influence. Shape is the scale of wrinkles of twisted bone channels reacting to the stress of gravity shedding weight down the length of the walking bone. Scaling up is the scale of the Earth vortexing within another vortex centered by our Sun orb in the planetary motions of our own galaxy form.

VORTEX Boeing_777_Air_Turbulence_Wallpaper_1600x1200_wallpaperhereMan made shape at the wing tips of a Boeing 777 or the tufts of blurred air tips from a hovering hummingbird all display this vortex effect, the shape of dynamic disturbance within the chaotic mixing of motion in action.

Life itself depends on the vortex to promote life.

VORTEX FISH 6114991558_e2fc48e10b_z

As the fish vortex descends into the depths the moment transitions into a spawning spasm within the rising release of their eggs and sperm as the silver vortex of spiral motion swirls breaching into the surface. The very birth of these bonefish is determined in the shape of turbulent release within the upward spiralling vortex beneath the rising moonlight penetrating their flickering forms, the fertilized eggs spreading over the oceans waves spreading new life away from their parents vortex spiral.

But where does bone come into this story? What does bone have to do with the shape of the brain? What does the vortex shape have to do with the brain during a concussion ? A lot, here’s some evidence. So what are a few of the other generalities, that involve shape how Nature employs shape to accomplish things?

The mammalian body plan is symmetric, there is the chiral character of left with right. The structure of the objects in this essay have two sides to their design in 3D space that are mirror images to each other. Place one side over the other, they don’t match up. Handedness is everywhere especially how shape is designed in the floating tension integrity of balanced tension, the chirality of tensegrity. The other central characteristic is the presence of gravity that imposes its very magnificence on all cellular design all cellular communication. If you try to make a gene deletion within the vestibular system by not having the shape of the semicircular canals. Such a deletion has a super caustic effect on the entire shape sensing a la Snelson formation of sensing gravity. Every cell is lost in terms of transcription-translation-translocation. No progression toward the next generation – it’s a game killer releasing loss of coherence. Destroy the sensing of gravity is the doomsday bomb of the entire sensing system. Life transfer will get wiped out. (Please read my other essays on Snelson shape sensing. )

Life signalling has had a few billion years to create a prioritization of establishing gravity, vestibular orientation to know where the buoyant horizon is as early life forms took shape in the oceans. Stability was built into sensing the flatness of a body form moving through water. The genius of Nature is that Nature used shape as form to accomplish building the architecture of life. The vortex is a primal shape of life revealing itself all around us.

Lose water on the runway swirled into a vortex from the suction of a jet engine

Loose water on the runway swirled into a vortex from the suction of a jet engine

The shape of bone is transformed, guided by a critical protein called BMP4, bone morphogenetic protein family which is part of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily. If the shape of the semicircular canals is clobbered at this point within an embryo the real observation is that a bone protein is a central character, as if the mega Don of all cells, the first boss of sensing. All other players answers to the big boss. The vestibular system drives the autonomic system. When you suffer a brain concussion you crash the vestibular system first which has effects on all other systems especially the autonomic system that organizes all the daily critical tasks of pacing things like the heart and lungs, the beat and breath of life. For the first time in human existence as astronauts ventured into micro-gravity-less space travel, life was exposed to antigravity. Life within the cells reacted under that loss of central vestibular orientation. The very breathing pattern of the astronauts changes, from a intercostal-diaphragm muscle inspiration becoming an abdominal based motion of breathing. This is statistical relevant data. This muscle sensing switching also affects the immune system how detection of any foreign substance interacts within the body. NASA blames the ease of acquiring colds or sinus stuffiness to a shift in body fluids. Something more massive than fluids is altering the entire dynamics in antigravity it’s causing subtle changes in the very essential sensing to the horizon, the brain stops yawning. The brain can’t calibrate to the sensing to the now removed gravity vector. Lose gravity in the antigravity – you force anti-tensegrity into the entire signalling system. You lose shape sensing. But the brain is a wizard in response -the brain compensates instantaneously. But the brain still can’t trigger onto the horizon so it builds another horizon that doesn’t really work. That is in my mind similar to what happens during the first few instances of a brain concussion. The brain loses the horizon. The concussed body struggles to its feet but staggers it’s sensing of gravity horribly broken. The brain in anti-gravity response. The effects slow down in time to the very metabolism of how bone changes to the time frame of how our bones age. The process of bone aging accelerates in time. In antigravity the bones lose their shape. But since this is such a slow insidious process the changes are not immediately apparent. But what also happens during the brain concussion is a brain vortex, the brain rotates on itself always. The brain is a shape sensing object exquisitely designed from billions of years of evolution. But the brain is also chiral a left- a right- the brain is a floating tension compression object like other objects in buoyant life. The brain has petalia influencing character. Our capacity to speak has caused the brain language zones to push against our inner bone case causing the bone to expand. Our brains are lopsided, asymmetric so they will rotate, it’s called Yakovlevian torque

PETALIA BRAIN nrn1009-f2There’s that bone-brain conversation again. What do returning long mission astronauts suffer from? Staggering vestibular re-adaptation plus defined bone loss. The astronauts bone shape have aged while in space as if time had accelerated.

The vortex is the shape of motion preferred by Nature to scale itself in the atmosphere, along the wing tips of a hummingbird or inside the brain itself. The vortex shape is the state of the essence of shape sensing using the architecture of building tensegrity based coherent objects where shape was not present before. Shape can be invisible but shape is always present, just like gravity. Just like a black hole jet vortexing into gravity creation shape.


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