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Nisgaa_mask_Louvre_MH_81-22-1The Nisga’a, often formerly spelled Nishga and spelled in the Nisga’a language as Nisga’a, are an Indigenous nation or First Nation in Canada. They live in the Nass River valley of northwestern British Columbia. This mask is a permanent expression covering the human features beneath its surface, a face frozen in time. Yet the face is the brain also moving in time its features a record of the events that warp across its surfaces. The human face is not only a reflection of sweeping emotions spilling over its contours -the face is a glimpse of the brain itself both linked together as shapes within shapes.


The history of Canada overlaps in the use of masks to cover the faces of the Native Peoples’ elaborate ancient ceremonies transferring into modern pageants on frozen ice with the new spectacle of sports transformations defending the critical space of the goalies zone of stature. Our perception is burdened by this mask staring at the observer, open eyes- open mouth gaping at the emotions, somehow contained yet hidden from view. We perceive our faces as masks yet in their flickering emotions lies the story of our individual sagas etched into the shape that is linked into the tension of the brain tissue itself. As our face appears so is the state of the brain. The face is not a mask unattached to its underneath surface of bone. The face is the brain. The face is a composed surface, balanced in a web of tensegrity held into compression with tension. The same Snelson floating tension link is the design of the brain which behaves in the same fashion of tension balanced with compression.

TENSEGRITY FRACTAL WEED 7186496382_32f30663d2_k

Tensegrity is the shape within Nature that links objects that establishes self sensing, each design of floating tension acting between molecules or between seeds spreading across the wind. Shape links the intelligence separated by distance.

FACE DISTORT FRACTAL wlleonardoThe locality of elements is also linked into the distance away from that specific inner boundary. Nature designs the elaborate progression from within the embryo into becoming a coherent series of attachments that link connection with the architecture of the total shape. The shape outside is balanced to the shape inside acting as a web of compression balanced into tension.
Tensegrity Cores by_Fagerstrom (1)The inner fields of floating tension are bound onto the outer surfaces as one coherent flow of elements. Each scale of attachment has a final place of position established as the embryo morphs into its ultimate assembly of shaped final form. The Nature of form is the Nature of shape that determines the progression into intelligence, assembled in this architecture established by tension balanced with compression.

TENSEGRITY SURFACE screen-shot-2009-10-18-at-45102-pm

At the surface we see shape, that is what we are familiar with. We are not familiar to shape acting as the position of the brain in action as a state of the brain at that moment, reflecting the metabolism within the brain. This shape is best transformed into the mathematics of map comparison. Only after this translation into another language of description can we grab the subtle differences that we miss in our perception. What is the face of autism, is there such a difference? Can there be a mobile mask that defines the autism within the brain that becomes the shape of the autistic face? Lets examine the mathematical evidence of such transformation, of such shape coherence.

Montrealers are used to the face of the acrobat from the Cirque du Soleil, a masked performer that sweeps overhead of the audience. We transform our belief of mobility into the exuberance of such forms. Shape is a fleeting mask of surprise shaking our immediate expectation, shifting our fixation on the face shape as the message from the brain. We expect a symmetry of left versus right shape. It is precisely that expectation that begins our analysis of autistic face changes.

MASK CIRQUE DE SOLEIL 41E253B690FF4351BE9A7781E46F1559

Drapped as a mesh over the face is the actual mesh within the face that is the surface of shape of the face. That is the way to begin the transformation of how to link the anatomy that defines emotional expression into real brain metabolism. A performers mask is defined by its external design that merely fits over  the overall head size of the artist.

FACE HOW FORMED article-2169390-13F1E07A000005DC-856_468x414 The early progression of the human face looks like the essence of a Nisga’a mask with its wide eye brows closed stark nostril holes and gaping open mouth. The face is embedded into the structure with the brain as they form together. unlike a bridge structure spanning a distance the structure of the face is both bone and skin surface.

We see the transfer of genes within the shape of DNA. But what happens to the transfer of sensing between brain into face?

TENSEGRITY doublehelix

The DNA double helix is a Snelson design of floating tension. Listen to the description from the report: Self-assembly of three-dimensional prestressed tensegrity structures from DNA by authors, Liedl THögberg BTytell JIngber DEShih WM from the journal Nat Nanotechnol. 2010 Jul;5(7):520-4.

Tensegrity, or tensional integrity, is a property of a structure indicating a reliance on a balance between components that are either in pure compression or pure tension for stability. Tensegrity structures exhibit extremely high strength-to-weight ratios and great resilience, and are therefore widely used in engineering, robotics and architecture. Here, we report nanoscale, prestressed, three-dimensional tensegrity structures in which rigid bundles of DNA double helices resist compressive forces exerted by segments of single-stranded DNA that act as tension-bearing cables. Our DNA tensegrity structures can self-assemble against forces up to 14 pN, which is twice the stall force of powerful molecular motors such as kinesin or myosin. The forces generated by this molecular prestressing mechanism can be used to bend the DNA bundles or to actuate the entire structure through enzymatic cleavage at specific sites. In addition to being building blocks for nanostructures, tensile structural elements made of single-stranded DNA could be used to study molecular forces, cellular mechanotransduction and other fundamental biological processes.

Essentially the human face is integrated into the mechanotransduction within the brain behaving as the same shape output stretched across the surface. The face is the state of balanced tension/compression of the brain, they are linked as one. The Nisga’a People had it right, the face is the representation of the brain of the person behind the mask.

FACE bones-and-muscles-muscles-of-the-faceThe naked face stripped of flesh stares out from the white pages of the anatomy text. Unseen muscles now displayed as if on their own action of motion. The sense of mass is felt in the directions of tension implicit from the drawing neatly labelled for the eye to appreciate. That is the label of deception that a typical dissection presentation reveals. Nature created the muscles within the fabric of the face both with the mobility of the skin at the surface, both attached to the structure of bone beneath, they may appear in dissection as separated but they are united in attachment. That is the unnatural stripping away of layers as if an artist were creating the volume layered surface by layered surface.

Sculptured faces loom overhead, permanent in their dimensions yet real faces predict the brain within.

WASHINGTON MOUNT RUSHMORE GEDC0853Imagine inside the Mount Rushmore rock is elastic so that vibrations from nearby volcanic strata are pushed into the massive face. Imagine the face and the brain develop in exquisite coordination such that differences in facial shape can be indicative perhaps predictive of underlying brain pathology. Only the shape sensitivity of a Snelson floating tension/compression net can accommodate such exquisite coordination. Such face-brain shape relationship have been noticed by researchers using surface modelling techniques comparing the faces of autism spectrum disorders to unaffected children to reveal atypical facial asymmetry through the direct effect of brain growth on those autism spectrum disorder faces. Let’s look at Face-brain asymmetry in autism spectrum disorders from the report of Molecular Psychiatry (2008) 13, 614-623 by P Hammond, C Forster-Gibson, AE Chudley, JE Allanson, TJ Hutton, SA Farrell, J McKenzie, JJA Holden and MES Lewis.

The faces of the participants were captured using commercial photogrammetric devices the law enforcement agencies typically use for facial recognition patterns or maxillo facial surgeons use for devising tricky surgical facial bone reconfiguration plastic surgery.

Simple inspection of two-dimensional analysis of facial features has not detected the subtleties of surface forms of the face that characterize facial phenotypes of a variety of neurodevelopmental syndromes. However, recent advances of laser based utilization of 3 dimensional image scanning have now enabled, more sensitive surface shape analysis of facial shape contours enabling accurate 3D facial gestalt of defining disease characteristics, like Fabry’s disease. The technique acronym employs 3D dense surface models (DSM) of face shape capable of detecting statistically significant facial asymmetry within autistic  spectrum disorder compared to age/sex/racially matched controls.

Where does the essence of shape sensing reveal itself ?

SHAPE SIGNALS IN CELLS 3.largeFollowing the signal induction started via a shape change across the surface as a distortion/compression, a floating tension alteration within the local neighbourhood of attachments, the sequence resolves into a domino effect of cascading reactions: transduction then transcription affecting DNA production of messenger RNA creating translation of the protein finally releasing a product outside of the cell. But the important aspect is the cell shape is more than just an outline of the cell as appearance. The shape in the sensed form of different strains arriving onto the distortion of the cell transforms the output of the cell. The protein product released is different, this assembly line of products changes as the tension changes. As the shape alters this deformation is really information. From the point of view of code language the tension/compression motion is information that we are just beginning to perceive that Nature has been employing for a very long time. The shape of DNA is accepted as the shape of inheritance. The shape of the face as the brain is the reality of the expressed strain changes reflected in the mobile face envelope. The human face is not a mask. The human face is shape as expressed information of the state of the brain. The object is to discover the mask of concussion, how it paints the features of the human face. There is no doubt in my mind that this new mask exists.

Snelson floating tension faces as surfaced attributes of tensegrity shapes

Snelson floating tension faces as surfaced attributes of tensegrity shapes

Look again at the diagram of the signal links. If you trace the step by step from one digit to the next what happens at stage 6 ? That’s where the information is in the form of the shape of the contact to the next cell and the next cell and the next cell. You see the coherence of the information is within these connections to shape. You are looking at the mobile mask of the brain when you stare at yourself in a mirror. Even a very famous face.

FACE MANDELA article-2519099-19CF5A0E00000578-696_964x778

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