Petroglyphs of the vortex

Ancient people gazed into the skies to move island to island across the expanse of their expansive zone of travel, Oceana over thousands of years. What we now call the Pacific Ocean.

SPIRAL The Solstice - Hohokam Indian Spiral Petroglyph | Fine Art Photography by Stephen W. Oachs the-solsticeThese ancient people left shapes on the sacred rocks. The shape lingers in the foreground below the horizon sweeping overhead stars in a pattern of the spiral, the universal symbol that transcends all borders. All ancient people out of direct contact with each other share to create this shape of spinning stars from the night canopy stretched over the horizon. This primal shape is of wonders of unity -of dimensions greater than the distant oceans yet centered into creations core. Gravity holds the image onto the rock’s surface gravity stands at the spirals center pulling in the elements of stars in formation. The swirling symbol is at the core of nature the shape of creation happening. The primitive hand carves the features  onto surfaces all over the globe. The energy of the galaxy the energy within the DNA molecule all spiral together linked by the logarithmic scales of mathematics of cohesion joining these two extremes. The vortex image points this singular reference to Summer’s Solstice acting as the map of connection with the changing climate.

SPIRAL Chuckwalla-Spring-spiral-petroglyph

The simple whorls on the fingertips of the artist are also this idea of constant image, the spiral of life. The motion of water traversing in a gravity slid has the spiral of the vortex of spinning water. D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson’s treatise On Growth and Form describes how shells are formed by rotating a closed curve around a fixed axis, the shape of the curve remains fixed but its size grows in a geometric progression.  

fractal spiral

The mathematics of fractal spirals is the source of spinning smoke from the evenings fire the common nomadic gathering at day’s end across the globe.

Yet cactus plants in the middle of the desert also spin on their central axis, what is the design blueprint behind this shape ? Is there a common design platform for Nature ? Is this the Fibonacci spiral- the Phi spiral common to all of Nature ?

SPIRAL CACTUS Copyrighted_Image_Reuse_Prohibited_793556

“By duplicating and repeating the phi spiral in a circular array with a common center point a phi vortex is created,in this case, clockwise out from the center, this vortex is most commonly seen in water and air flows, as well as in galaxies,” is from the very exacting/exciting web site created by Marshall Lefferts at

By duplicating the vortex, flipping it so that we have a complementary clockwise flow, and overlaying it onto the counter-clockwise vortex we create a phi double spiral (see illustration below ). This is a fundamental field pattern that can be understood as a cross-section of a complete spherical/toroidal energy field. It is most commonly seen in plants and particular water flow wave patterns.”

 phi double spiral centered at Node 4


Boundary Condition ” When a phi vortex or double spiral is created a synergetic phenomenon occurs that is otherwise not apparent when viewing a single phi spiral. As can be seen in the illustration above, at exactly 3 nodes out from the center point around which the vortex/double spiral is rotating there appears a distinct circle. This is the result of the phi spiral first expanding outward from the center, then as it completes its first three fractal arcs (nodes) it momentarily contracts back upon itself before expanding outward again. This creates a boundary condition, a circle (or sphere in a 3D field) that defines a potential surface boundary and a complementary inside and outside relationship to the energy field. This boundary can be seen as the necessary limit of a given entity required for the entity to come into form. For example a pine cone has an obvious double spiral pattern inherent in its form that has a limit at which it stops manifesting in physical form (though energetically its field pattern extends beyond this limit” 

So what do all these cool pictures of spirals have to do with brain concussions, if anything at all ?


We inhabit a brain made up of fractal tensegrity spirals within our very DNA. Our brain itself is based on these assembly principles designed under constraints under boundary condition perhaps as Lefferts’ might call them or as I term a la Snelson with balanced tension/compression between all elements. They are structures that Nature builds under its own from blueprints that create shape from nothingness. But even nothingness is a statement of ignorance when we have empty space we still have gravity occupying it, so it looks like there is always something in proximity we are just not able to measure it.

Moon on the Tides AQA Poetry Anthology Model Essays Relationships, Conflict, Character and VoiceWhen ancient man gazed at the floating moon so big in the field of view how could he begin to comprehend how it floats in the sky above ? How could he possibly think he was related to this orb on a shape based design by Nature. That is the amazing jump in our perception of what is around us, perhaps how and what we are made of. We are assembled like vortexes stirred in the water to create shape from amorphous liquid water. Our brain has the very same vortex behaviour as the vortex shape of galaxies overhead, guiding our ancient navigators to their new destinations.

Our brain behaves under conditions as performance under vulnerabilities according to its design. Our brain will vortex onto itself. Observers have already noticed such torque in describing it as Yakovlevian torque. “If you place your vertical bar so it is parallel with the midline along the middle and anterior of the scan, then sometimes the left hemisphere will extend beyond this bar (i.e., torque around from the left toward the right hemisphere). I have seen one left-handed subject whose right hemisphere torqued around toward the left, so based on my own experience, this happens in < 1% of the subjects I’ve seen. While I haven’t kept track of the number of left-to-right occipital petalia cases, I know it’s quite common. Per Art Toga and Paul Thompson, the “Yakovlevian anticlockwise torque … includes the frequent extension of the left occipital lobe across the midline (over the right occipital lobe), bending the interhemispheric fissure towards the right.” Arthur W. Toga and Paul M. Thompson, “MAPPING BRAIN ASYMMETRY,” Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Department of Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine Los Angeles, CA, USA

occipital_petalia_left_to_rightTermed occipital petalia, the left right asymmetry causes the brain to torque around a central axis into the midline zone. The behaviour of the brain under acceleration forces during brain concussion are brains designed by nature that move in particular ways. In the vernacular concussions are described as slamming into boney contours within the head. But that is not all that is happening. Nature has designed the brain to torque onto itself as a spiral pattern evident in life all around us even above us. To understand a brain concussion you first have to understand how nature handles shape how the vortex is born. What is petalia ? The incredible aspect is as we accumulate languages our brain zone for language pushes against the bone to expand the dimensions of this communication volume. The expanded bone is termed petalia. Now the brain is lopsided, therefore it will spin if hit.

In our heritage, evolutions of  mammals swam through Earth’s first environment, standing aside we can now see inside their heads with our modern imaging devices. We see tiny spirals on each side, within the tiny bilateral cochlea shape, microphones listening to the universe sensing which stabilizes the head, the sense of where the horizon is the most important information all these multitudes of mammals need. The sense of what is up- even the glimpse of a full moon rising above the horizon as the dolphin breaches- flying momentarily into the sky. This mammalian sensing of the vortex of gravity within a vortex of bone, is shape sensing gravity. If you want to understand how the brain reacts to gravity you have to understand the reference to shape design within the brain to unravel the mystery. To follow the shape of the vortex.

COCHLEA v43n2-ketten4en

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