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The different voice pronunciations after a concussion

The University of Notre Dame have devised an Apple tablet based system to detect changes in the human voice following a concussion. According to Christian Poellabauer, associate professor of computer science and engineering, “This project is a great example of … Continue reading

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Fruit flies have concussions too

The fruit fly Drosophila Melanogaster is small. The size is not important to demonstrate the points I will introduce. Fruit flies can suffer brain concussions just like people can. Remember in Nature size is a relative scaleable function within compression/tension … Continue reading

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Dr William Feindel 1918-2014

I am eternally indebted to Dr William Feindel for guiding my early research when he revealed personally to me, by recalling an operative observation from the side of pioneering neurosurgeon, ┬áDr Wilder Penfield during an early 1930 brain surgery that … Continue reading

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