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Montreal Grandmother, Agnes Kent was saved by Raul Wallenberg from certain death, when he provided papers for her and her Mom to escape away from the Nazis. Today when asked what that escape meant, she replied,"Remind people, that while statesmen and whole countries remained silent and did nothing, a single individual chose to act, with ramifications that proved enormous. Similar choices confront us today. Write that simple truth she said, it can never be repeated often enough because the world keeps forgetting it."

Pumpkin brain in the tesselated grid

  If the adult brain is the result of origami like folding to create the final destination of                     billions of neuronal networks, the aspect of the architecture of an underlying hexagonal … Continue reading

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Dust to dust

Disassemble a brain into its pieces becomes the biblical description of life as ‘dust to dust’ the lament of the common burial cant. We know now of the bombardment of Earth that cosmic dust mixes into our local dust. So … Continue reading

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Brain concussion is temporary loss of the most basic point of reference for behavior on Earth

We move we think in a brain sensed environment that demands our interpretation. We see with our brain we sense gravity within our brain. To temporarily lose this sense of gravity as a primal direction as astronauts do is comparable … Continue reading

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The Brazuca plant

Brazuca Adidas game ball, but imagine this shape was made by Nature how might the shape be determined? In other words if evolution could produce a Brazuca as a plant how might the design logic look like ? What kind … Continue reading

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Gravity adaptive systems of living tensegrity on Earth

To learn the essence of life you have to leave the grasp of Earth’s gravity. The gravity vector field that surrounds the fabric of time space exists at the molecular scale of interactions. The stress of life within cells is … Continue reading

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Hyoid: the floating bone

When we think of architecture we dwell on place on dimensions of soaring forms creating a volume of space. We don’t interpret shape within us in the same fashion. We should. Surrounding our world is the space net of a … Continue reading

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The different voice pronunciations after a concussion

The University of Notre Dame have devised an Apple tablet based system to detect changes in the human voice following a concussion. According to Christian Poellabauer, associate professor of computer science and engineering, “This project is a great example of … Continue reading

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Fruit flies have concussions too

The fruit fly Drosophila Melanogaster is small. The size is not important to demonstrate the points I will introduce. Fruit flies can suffer brain concussions just like people can. Remember in Nature size is a relative scaleable function within compression/tension … Continue reading

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Dr William Feindel 1918-2014

I am eternally indebted to Dr William Feindel for guiding my early research when he revealed personally to me, by recalling an operative observation from the side of pioneering neurosurgeon,  Dr Wilder Penfield during an early 1930 brain surgery that … Continue reading

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Robots don’t yawn

As we are about to enter the robot age the mechanical face peers back at us perhaps as a robonurse helping us into a hospital bed. Twilight time when the balance is gone and gravity is horizontal. We stare into … Continue reading

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