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Diving into the vector of gravity

How does a flame burn without gravity ? We are familiar with the majestic glow of light standing as if a soldier on guard bolt upright, planted onto the ground. We Earth born people orient to this radiance from a … Continue reading

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Sagrada Familia

Standing in the nave of a stone forest with the leaf canopy soaring overhead sun peaking between the branches glittering in burst of frank sunlight is the effect Antoni Gaudi wanted the visitor to experience while gazing in the direction … Continue reading

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Wiring a new computer chip based on neural circuitry

I am going to mainly try to write an essay visually with images to link the entire shape elements together. This is a tension tensegrity circle with a variety of overlapping compression elements in yellow creating a pentagon in the … Continue reading

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‘In meteorology, virga is an observable streak or shaft of precipitation that falls from a cloud but evaporates or sublimes before reaching the ground. At high altitudes the precipitation falls mainly as ice crystals before melting and finally evaporating; this is often due to compressional heating, because the air … Continue reading

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Clara Hughes: Can depression be deconstructed into its physiological plus its psychological components ?

Months after retiring from professional sports Olympic medalist Clara Hughes is publicly fragile in her frank openness about her brush with depression prompting her involvement to reduce the stigma of denying depression within Bell Canada’s, Let’s Talk campaign. “Sport that … Continue reading

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Galatic News Network: DVader Bird has suffered multiple concussions-latest Tweet from DVader complaining of diminished dark force

 In the turmoil of inter galactic saber fighting protecting the bird head is critical. Although temporarily out of the limelight, Vader has suffered frequent concussions to the detriment of his dark force slipping away. This Angry Birder GNN reporter has … Continue reading

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Cosmonaut perception tales from microgravity

Just behind the juvenile herring’s large eye is the bony round shaped otolith structure. Cosmonauts prepare for space missions using the buoyancy of water as a simple scenario of reduced gravity to practice extra vehicular activity ( EVA) for space suit procedures … Continue reading

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Are Nature’s accelerometers inside the otolith structures, the sacculus and utricule, acting as concussion sensors ?

Ask any first year medical student, what is the highest priority of signaling capable of influencing all sensory perception within the entire brain? The correct response, however counter intuitive, is the vestibular network. Imagine running an on-line App that demands … Continue reading

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1943- “The brain is shaken inside the cranial vault like dice in a small box,” Dr. Francis Grant (Philadelphia, Pa.)

During World War II, my father  served in England as a medical officer with the rank of Commander with the Royal Canadian Air Force. His post graduate specialty was in Otolaryngology, involving all manner of perturbations to the Ear, Nose … Continue reading

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Why do athletes still hide the fact, that they’re feeling a little bit dizzy after a hit to the head ?

USA TODAY Monday, December 3, 2012 reported on  NFL: WEEK 13, YOUR JOB OR YOUR HEALTH by Gary Mihoces ? Let’s examine some of the voices from stories from page 10 C SPORTS from a concussion research point of view. … Continue reading

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